Austin Sushi News #15 January, 2002

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1. R.I.P. Banzai
2. Two Butches and One Buffet
3. Encyclopaedia of Sushi Rolls
4. Oishi Sushi Bargains


1. R.I.P. Banzai

With the recent opening of Oishi Sushi House, Austin's first full-out sushi buffet, we are reminded that budget sushi is still sushi, and that's a good thing. [Veteran Austin Sushi News readers know that the *first* all-you-can-eat sushi buffet in Austin was offered at the now-defunct sushi bar that was inside of Buffet Palace North, complete with floating wooden boats] 

With that in mind, we now mourn the first sushi casualty of 2002:  Banzai Japanese Restaurant, a staple for budget-minded University-area sushi eaters, has bit the dust.

(Don't call or visit)
Banzai Japanese Restaurant
2120-B Guadalupe
(512) 320-0657


2. Two Butches and One Buffet

Speaking of budget sushi, our intrepid sushi reporter, Ms. Moko Jeeno, recent visited Oishi Sushi House on a "date" and wrote it up in her most recent column titled "Two Butches and One Buffet". 


3. Encyclopaedia of Sushi Rolls

The prolific sushi author Ken Kawasumi
just published "The Encyclopedia of Sushi Rolls" perhaps the last word on maki.

Only his second U.S. release in six years (the last was "Sushi for Parties : Maki-Zushi and Nigiri-Zushi"), Ken's book is available now only in hardback. Still, it's only $25 at Amazon's %30 off list price. 


4. Oishi Sushi Bargains

As if we haven't already mentioned these folks enough, Oishi Sushi House, Austin's only sushi buffet, is running another sushi special, according to their ad in January 24th's American-Statesman.  Until January 30th, the lunch buffet is only $8.95 and the dinner buffer, $14.95 -- not quite 50% off, but close. The catch? There will be no lobster on the buffet. 

If you didn't try them the first time around, here's your chance.

Oishi Sushi House
6718 Middle Fiskville Road
Austin, Texas
(512) 302-9811 (call 302-9800 if no answer)