Faster, Stronger, Better?

Sushi News: 

The team took a stroll over to Maki, the latest spin on "fast" Japanese food, and was mightily impressed by this new Austin operation. They are, essentially, a roll-your-own sushi roll bar where you walk up to a counter, point at the ingredients you want, and the person behind the counter (not a sushi chef) makes the requested roll. In order to speed up the delivery time and lower employee costs, they utilize a sushi robot, specifically the Audio-Technica ASM 860, that spreads the rice onto the nori. This allows for relatively unskilled labor to complete the roll.
The place has a noveau fresh ambiance with a pleasant lime green color and spiffy graphics on the wall. It's definitely "fast" food and not a sushi bar, but still a great place to get a sushi fix when you need something fast that's well-prepared.


by lockie on Thu, 2009-05-14 22:09

The brothers that own maki are so super nice. I ate there a lot before starting my new shift at work & haven't been since the beginning of March. :(

I like being able to pick the things I really like & know I'll totally enjoy, & then making up some random roll just to experiment. My friend & I did try one of their daily suggested rolls & were pleasantly surprised...who knew strawberries would be good in sushi?!

You should give this place a try. It's a great idea for a quick yummy lunch, or to take a friend who isn't quite sure they're ready to venture from the California Roll.