The Greater Austin Sushi Boom Continues....

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The Greater Austin Sushi Boom Continues....
Thursday, March 18, 2004
by Austin Sushi News Staff

Pangos is gone, but that's just part of the grand cyclic nature of sushi bars in Austin. Social Darwinism has vetted the field once again so that new venues can come forth. And come forth they have....

First up, joining the sushi boom in neighboring Pflugerville, is Fuji Japanese Restaurant which is just down the street from the recently opened Hakata.

Nearby, the lure of mixing teppenyaki and sushi is too great. Tokyo Japanese Steak House in Round Rock is the latest to succumb, and has added a sushi bar. They now call themselves Tokyo Japanese Steak House "and Sushi Bar" (duh!). We've learned not to expect much from "and sushi bar" establishments, but we'll reserve final judgement for our visit.

And speaking of teppanyaki "and sushi bars"...... Kyoto II has been closed for a while and has changed owners. It's now called Fujiyama Japanese Steak House and Sushi Bar (uh-oh!). It should open in mid-April.

So-called Japanese "fast" food is now trendy, and cashing in on the trend is newcomer Wiki Wiki Teriyaki, which has opened in the Arboretum next to Amy's Ice Cream. ( )

And speaking of Japanese fast food, the well-established Zen Japanese Food Fast now has a nifty web site you can check out. ( )

Fuji Japanese Restaurant
15803 Windermere Drive
Pflugerville, Texas
Phone: (512) 252-0200

Tokyo Japanese Steak House and Sushi Bar
201-D Sundance Parkway
Round Rock, Texas
Phone: (512) 388-7896

Fujiyama Japanese Steak House and Sushi Bar
4815 W. Braker Lane #580
Austin, Texas
Phone: (512) ???-????