Kobe Japanese Steakhouse Comes To Austin

Sushi News: 

A new Kobe Japanese Steakhouse will open at the end of August, according to the owner, but will it have real Kobe beef? The owner says he has a supplier, but that it will depend on "demand" whether or not they put it on the menu.

What's so special about Kobe beef? According to one web site on the subject:

Kobe Beef is a legendary delicacy of Japan, a type of beef that is so well marbled that it goes right off the charts for Prime grading in any other country. The meat ends up looking like it has been left out in the snow because of the intensiveness of the white fat marbling -- rivals foie gras for richness and caloric content, and costs an obscene amount, often $300 a pound or more for the real thing from Japan.

We'll see what they offer in August..............

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse
Anderson Mill and 183
(Southwest corner)
(512) 288-7333