More South Austin Sushi...?

Sushi News: 

Austin is being slowly carved up into sushi fiefdoms and South Austin is, apparently, one of the last unspoiled lands upon which the sushi lords have not yet trod. Alas, word from our super-secret operatives (and also a brief mention in October 4th's Chronicle -- see below) is that a sushi bar will likely open in place of the now defunct Si Bon at 801 S. Lamar.

Rumour has it that this sushi bar will be upscale and that the head sushi chef and design team will be notable. Negotiations are currently underway to both acquire the property and deal with parking issues.

Quote from the October 4th Austin Chronicle:
"Although Si Bon closed in the late spring, there has never been any official word about what happened there. Recent word on the street is that owners Peter and Cara O'Brien and their young family have left Austin for the East Coast and that a sushi restaurant will open in the South Lamar location." -- Virginia Wood