Odaku II will open soon

Sushi News: 

In the year 2054, there will never be a need for Austin Sushi News, because a trio of genetically modifed "pre-cogs" will be able to predict where and when someone will open a sushi bar. But like any good sci-fi movie plot (I'm ripping off the new movie, "Minority Report", can't you tell?) things aren't what they seem. Did they get it wrong or will a sushi bar actually appear? When will these sushi fiends be brought to justice?

This is really gripping, so I'll come clean and let y'all know that Odaku II will likely open later this week. They aren't a sushi bar, however -- because they don't have a sushi bar. It looks like they're going the Japanese "fast food" route. Check it out.

Odaku II
7901 Cameron Road #5C
(NE corner of 183 and Cameron Road)
(512) 837-2344