Pango Serves Beats (Sushi Lounge Thursdays)

Sushi News: 

Perhaps inspired by Seoul Sushi Bar's monday night disco party (has anyone been lately? Is it still going on?), or maybe Avenue A Sushi in Manhattan, which has a sushi bar in back and a dance area up front, Pango's Tea Bar has added a DJ spinning every thursday night from 9pm to midnite starting June 27th. DJ AM (AKA Aaron Morris) sets up his turntables to pump out bossa, nuJazz, downbeat, brokenbeat, and deepHouse there.

DJ AM ( )
Pango's Tea Bar
718 Congress Ave
Thursday Nights starting June 27th
9pm - Midnight

Avenue A Sushi
103 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009
(212) 982-8109