Sushi 101

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Props out to Origami Executive Chef Tim Thomas and Central Market Cooking School for a fun evening of sushi making. Yeah, yours truly took the class. If you're worried that your kitchen skillz may not be up to par then this is definitely your gig. Most of the prep work is done by Tim and the staff at Central Market, so you get to concentrate on the fun work of rolling your sushi and eating it.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that CM's attentive staff is filling your glass with all the wine and sake you can handle. After a while, your sushi looks perfect and tastes perfect no matter what the reality might be. Finally, the cost, $55, isn't that much more than you'd expect to pay at a sushi bar anyway.

Next class: March 25th
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NOTE: Not to worry -- they allocate one Western-style cutting knife per table, so there aren't a lot of razor-sharp sushi knives laying around.