The Zen Of Faster Japanese Food

Sushi News: 

Zen Japanese Food Fast has opened a third location at 32nd and Guadalupe. What can I say about Zen except that their sushi sucks? I gently tell them this nearly every time I eat there, which is sometimes as often as once a week. It's ok to fill a bowl 2/3 with rice and then cover the top with other stuff, but it's not ok to make sushi rolls that are 1/2, or maybe even 2/3, rice -- especially when the sushi rice has that somewhat dry, chalky, texture that says: I've been sitting around in a display case all day. So, I never eat their sushi. Of course, they aren't claiming to be a sushi bar and that's one thing I really like about them -- they deliver what they advertise. I like their various rice bowls and I like the way they season their store-bought soba noodles. It's fast and it's inexpensive.

Zen Japanese Food Fast
3423 N. Guadalupe Avenue
Austin, Texas
(512) 300-2633