Zzzzzzzzz - huh? More New Sushi Bars....

Sushi News: 

I blinked and two more sushi bars showed up. It's that simple. The economy is in the toilet, but the sushi marketing steamroller continues, paving over more venues in your neighborhood.

Case in point, that abandoned Kentucky Fried Chicken on N. Lamar. It's now Banzai Sushi and Grill. By the looks of the interior, it won't open for another month or so.

A more promising venue is taking shape on the Northbound frontage road of I-35 (take the St. Johns exit) in the old Bevos/Besos location. Sushi Japon (sic) will occupy the 5500 square foot building which is being extensively remodeled and is already looking pretty good. The owner predicts a June 23rd opening date.

Banzai Sushi And Grill
Corner of 39 1/2 Street and N. Lamar
Austin, Texas
(512) ???-????

Sushi Japon
6801 North I-35
Austin, Texas 78752
(512) 323-6663